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A Review Of Multi Media Functionality On The Sony Xperia S 薛之谦怒摔话筒 华裔夫妇公园失踪

Mobile-Cell-Phone The Sony Xperia boasts a number of superb features but one of the most impressive aspects of this model is the superb screen that the phone incorporates. This large 4.3 inch display offers an outstanding pixel density of 342 pixels per inch which makes it perfect for displaying a wide range of multi media material. We take a look at some of these kind of features that are present on this excellent new phone. Sony mobile handsets have always featured some superb multi media features and the new Xperia S is no exception. The handset is really aimed at consumers who want to take advantage of great facilities such as video playback and this is why the manufacturers have fitted the phone with a Bravia HD display. As a result video footage does look superb on this device. When the phone is held in the landscape position the screen offers a widescreen display which makes it perfect for viewing the latest blockbuster movies. Admittedly viewing this type of content does place an enormous strain on the battery but this is a price many consumers will be willing to pay in order to watch their footage in such great detail. The device comes installed with the Youtube application which offers users thousands of video clips that can be watched on the phone. Some of the video quality from this service is poor but if you select a High Definition clip then the results are excellent. There are also a number of video on demand services that can be downloaded to the Xperia S. Applications such Netflix and Lovefilm give you a great selection of movies and TV shows for a relatively small monthly subscription. The video playback on the Sony Xperia S impressed us and we were also delighted when we used the handset to play our audio files. The music players offers a colourful interface that includes some nice touches that are not present on many rival phones. A great example of this is the ability to tap the menu button when listening to a song which directs you to a wide range of alternative content that relates to the song you are listening to. This feature can be used to watch the music video on Youtube or find out information about the artist via Wikipedia. The phone can also connect to the Gracenote service which holds album and track information on nearly every piece of music released. This enables users to easily download any missing artwork and track listings for music they have stored on the phone. If you prefer to listen to radio stations rather than your own music files the Xperia S includes an FM radio which is always a welcome feature. The Sony Xperia S is a superb mobile phone that offers a number of great facilities. We are really impressed with the multi media services offered by the model which include excellent video playback and a superb audio player. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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