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Careers-Employment There are some common questions which are asked in almost every interview still many people got rejected because their answers didnt satisfy the interviewer. To get succeed or to crash any interview its important to offer some satisfactory answer that can help the interviewer to see the uniqueness factor in you. If anyone is going to give interview then he must be known to some basic interview questions and answers. A good knowledge about these questions can help you to get the job easily. Tell me about yourself: This is a very common question that is asked in most of the interviews. By this question the interviewer wants to test that how much you know about yourself. They also want to know that do you have right idea of your potential. In this question you can talk about your achievements, qualification and other qualities. But everyone should keep one thing in mind is that dont be too deep in giving detail about yourself otherwise the interviewer can get bored. What do you know about the company: For this you need to gather some information about the company before going for the interview. If you have good knowledge then it will prove to be a plus point. If the company is small then your little information could be enough like in which the company deals. You are not expected to offer every little and big detail about the company but you should prepare before any interview. If the company was in news then you need to discuss about that too. A good knowledge of basic interview questions and answers can help you there. Why you leave your previous job: If you are a fresher you will not be asked about any such question. But if you have experience of work then you can be asked this question. To answer this question you can say that you want to grow on professional level or you want to work with their company. Try to remain honest there. This quality can impress the interviewer as every company want to keep good people those can give their 100 percent to the company. If you are dedicated then this quality will definitely be recognized by the interviewer and your chances of getting selected can increase. Your salary expectations: This may also be asked in the last. For this, you need to understand basic interview questions and answers. In answering salary expectations you can say that you believe in quality work or asked about what they are giving for this post. Dont be aggressive or emotional at any point. It will be proved beneficial. If you expect very much salary or you are quite obsessive about money then it can reduce the chances of getting job. These few points are important and should be kept in mind before going in any interview. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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