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WAN 青岛再添海底隧道

Computers-and-Technology As enterprises grow, their IT challenges multiply exponentially. Global WAN connectivity, application performance, replication, disaster recovery, Cloud access, shrinking budgets and mobile users are only few of the many challenges that a growing enterprise faces today as their Wide Area Network (WAN) evolves. Increasing network capacity to support growing business needs is not a viable option. To solve these problems, different WAN Optimization solutions came into play. WAN optimization is a set of techniques used to optimize the wide area network. WAN Optimization is the process of accelerating applications and data transfers over the enterprise network by eliminating issues like redundant file transmissions, chatty protocols, network latency, packet loss etc. WAN Optimization is important to businesses that have geographically distributed offices and want to collaborate. It ensures consolidation of IT infrastructure for the business at a centralized location for further cost savings. The WAN Optimization industry has seen a major change in trends over the last few years. The biggest area of change in the WAN Optimization market has been in the delivery technique of these solutions. The changes made by WAN Optimization vendors revolve around turning their hardware solutions into virtual appliances or providing WAN Optimization in the SaaS model and building it for Cloud-enabled environments instead of installing WAN Optimization appliances at the customer site and investing in expensive private links. This change has been driven by the end-users request to support different network topologies, simplify the management of WAN Optimization solutions, reduce the total cost of ownership and make these products more appealing to organizations that are deploying virtualization and Cloud computing services. The idea of removing the need for WAN Optimization hardware has been welcomed by enterprises looking to reduce costs, improve application performance and leverage global scalability on demand. There has been a push towards eliminating CAPEX, appliance maintenance, the upgrades and IT headaches. The WAN Optimization as-a-Service solution accommodates all of these enterprise evolution needs and more. Enterprise traffic deployed across this new private and intelligent global network are also quickly accessing any enterprise Cloud service and further enhancing employee productivity. By making use of WAN Optimization technology delivered as-a-Service across a private, intelligent global network, enterprises achieve bandwidth savings, global reach, data center-to-data center replication, improved application performance, disaster recovery and optimized access to Cloud services. Moving to the Cloud gives businesses a more resilient network at a lower cost, and also drastically cuts down on the deployment time of the traditional solutions. WAN Optimization implementation helps businesses to get excellent return on their investments by reducing bandwidth costs and improving overall productivity. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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