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as well as several other tourist attractions. The Jungle Beach Resort in Trincomalee is a popular choice for many tourists families 副教授带病母上课

Travel-and-Leisure The delightful harbour city of Trincomalee is situated on the east coast of Sri Lanka and is built on a peninsula. The harbour plays an important role in international trading and maritime industry in the country and is well known for its large size and security. Trincomalee is home to the Sri Lankan naval base and air force base and is also a popular tourist destination due to its shallow seas and pristine beaches. There are many beach activities available here, as well as several other tourist attractions. The Jungle Beach Resort in Trincomalee is a popular choice for many tourists families, friends and couples from all over the world. The Jungle Beach Resort in Trincomalee is the first environmentally friendly resort to be built in this area, in the little hamlet of Kuchaveli. Aptly named, Jungle Beach in Sri Lanka is beautifully incorporated in a perfect unison of jungle and beach, something that makes this resort incredibly unique and spectacular. Guests who are interested in staying at the Jungle Beach Resort should consider using the services of Sri Lanka In Style, a leading travel company in the island that books and arranges holiday itineraries for tourists, ensuring a smooth, safe and satisfactory holiday. The Jungle Beach Resort in Trincomalee is nestled within a 10 acre estate and has many treasures in its vicinity the Indian Ocean with pristine sandy beaches, and a gorgeous lagoon with tropical mangroves and vibrant activity. It has 48 luxurious cabins including Jungle Cabins, Jungle Cluster Cabins, Beach Cabins, Lagoon View Cabins and Lagoon Cabins. The rooms are crafted from natural resources, but have modern conveniences such as king sized beds, entertainment systems, private decks and outdoor rain showers. All rooms offer amazing views of the ocean or the lagoon and offer utmost privacy and seclusion, making it perfect for a holiday. Thats not all – guests can enjoy the leisure activities offered at the resort, such as the spa and gym. Dining at the Jungle Beach in Sri Lanka is a real treat with an open air restaurant and open decks on the beach and even in the trees! By choosing the services of a travel company such as Sri Lanka In Style, guests will be rest assured that their itineraries will be carefully designed to include all the vital aspects of a holiday in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka In Style will not only book and arrange holidays, they will also provide a guide who will focus on making the holiday interesting and insightful! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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