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41 year old Alyssa Chia pregnant with the third month of the sex of the four months the girl dxperience

41 year old Alyssa Chia four months pregnant with third child sex girl open: Alyssa Chia sun B as announced pregnant again Alyssa Chia two daughters Shiou Alyssa Chia Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the 41 year old Alyssa Chia [micro-blog] pregnant again! She and Shiou [micro-blog] marriage gave birth to daughter does not does not open 30 days, ultrasound, announced the good news ", does not again, O does not! I heard that mommy has a baby, you want to be a little sister!" Announced that the family will be one more member. The broker to Taiwan media reporters, Alyssa Chia knew quite calm, but also immediately happy and friends sharing wedding. 41 year old Alyssa Chia and 9 year old Shiou small after the registration of marriage, the same year was awarded the lovely daughter does not does not, happy family life concern. She even the two time this week to attend the event, the United States and the United States appeared, but the 30 day announced the pregnancy news, exclaim pregnant belly do not see. Shiou’s agent said with a smile, very much like the child’s repair, know the home and add a sister, very happy! The wife is pregnant for about 4 months, is a girl. Alyssa Chia broker said that she is currently in good physical condition, quite stable, the work plan is still in progress, will also attend the boutique next Friday. (commissioning editor: YY)相关的主题文章:

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