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2017 national civil service examination a common problem of academic qualifications www.9999mp.com

2017 national civil service examination: 1 common problems of academic qualifications. What are the requirements of the civil service examination for the diploma? Other forms of national education, higher education and higher education (self-study exam, adult education, network education, University, TV etc.) graduating students after graduation certificate, meets the requirements of the qualifications, you can apply for. 2. Is there a requirement for civil servants in English or computer? The servant is a specific position in specific sectors, through the "recruitment rules" query specific requirements of a job, not all positions have requirements for English and computer skills, specifically to see the "recruitment rules" "other condition" column. 3. How to confirm their professional is in accordance with the conditions of the candidates? First through the "recruitment rules" to check the position of professional requirements, such as the uncertainty of their professional compliance with quasi professional positions reported when recruiting agencies can call the Advisory telephone. 4. The specialty and job recruitment is very similar, whether you can apply for? This situation must be cautious, first check issued by the Ministry of education professional table or consulting recruiting agencies, by recruiting agencies can apply for consent. 5. Professional knowledge is not popular, should be reported to those who have no special requirement of post? There’s no way to apply for a job without professional requirements. Due to the professional requirements of the position, some for the specific professional requirements, and some for the subject, so you can check their own subject of professional studies, job search, which can increase the scope of job selection. 6. Undergraduate can apply for specialist positions? Bachelor degree can apply for the academic requirements for undergraduate (only undergraduate) "" Bachelor "and" College and above "Bachelor or master" position, the other can not apply. 7. Second degree (the self) XX professional can apply for jobs is XX? Because of the exam to recruit the guide is not clearly defined, so the audit for recruiting agencies second degree is not the same, some units allowed to apply, some units are not allowed to apply, please be sure to consult the recruitment organ. 8. Graduate students can be an undergraduate degree and professional candidates? Can not. Editor: Ma Pengfei相关的主题文章:

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