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2016 art Jiangxi International Expo opening National Day holiday open to the public – Jiangxi 9c8836

The 2016 Jiangxi International Art Exposition   the National Day holiday is open to the public — Jiangxi channel — people.com.cn people.com.cn September 30 Nanchang Xinhua (Qin Haifeng, rain) 2016 art Jiangxi International Fair (referred to as the "Art Fair") in September 30th at the Nanchang International Exhibition Center, Art Expo from October 1st to October 7th is open to the public interest people can go to watch art. It is reported that the "Art Fair" is based on "2015 Nanchang International Art Exposition" held on the upgrade renamed, compared with last year’s fair larger, higher degree of specialization, the venue set was upgraded to "1+3" model. The theme of the plate in the retention of last year "porcelain China, watch traditional painting, space, cross-border forum", the new "the red classics, contemporary biography, region extraction, Jiangyou landscape, Jiangxi, Han, Hui opera books and other twelve plates. The "Art Fair" brings together the United States, France, Korea and other more than and 10 countries and the country of more than 100 million pieces of art institutions, exhibition of art at home and abroad, in the expression of internationalization and China characteristics at the same time, the Jiangxi ceramics, painting, printmaking, Shangrao stone and Henan chapter embroidery of the intangible cultural heritage and China’s first "reproduction sea faint" series of cultural and creative products, fully embodies the unique cultural resources in Jiangxi, Jiangxi to build the cultural characteristics of the brand. The exhibition, exhibition in the form of more new ideas, for the first time into the art + technology + creative concept, the introduction of VR virtual reality technology in the art fair set up VR experience area, make the art of integration of science and technology, science and technology make the permeable art. For different levels of the audience to provide a variety of art appreciation and entertainment activities for the public to bring high-quality cultural and artistic enjoyment. (Qiu Ye, Shuai Jun: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章:

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