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2 year old boy playing with a small train suddenly crying is back mouth bite musiland

2 year old boy playing with a small train suddenly crying is back mouth "bite" 12:30 at noon on October 28th, Ningbo Jiangbei fire brigade command center received a transfer order that is located in Jiangbei District in the Horse Street 4 Lakeview Garden Room 1103, a 2 year old boy was half head home chair tightly bite to live, the situation is very emergency. Jiangbei fire brigade immediately dispatched 1 fire engines rushed to the scene of the fire brigade to dispose of 7. After arriving at the scene, the fire brigade found the boy’s head tightly stuck in the gap in the chair can not come out, parents are very anxious, the boy was stuck because the head can not come, has been crying. At first, the fire officers and soldiers to reverse the direction of the boy’s head from the chair slowly out, but several attempts failed after the fire brigade decided to rescue the rescue, the rescue space is relatively small, a large rescue tool wouldn’t. Then, the fire officers and men decided to cut the chair with a grinder in the cutting process, in order to prevent the boy to cause two damage, fire officers and soldiers immediately find a wet towel to cover the child’s head, and put a fire helmet to the boy’s mother put on. During the rescue, fire officers and soldiers from time to time to chat with the children, distraction, and asked the boy family will firmly hold the child’s head, to avoid the child for fear of escape resulting in emergency situations, after cutting a few minutes, the chair was successfully cut out a crack, then the fire brigade use a screwdriver to pry the chair. After ten minutes of intense fire brigade rescue, the child’s head was successfully rescued. Ms. Zhao tells mom afterwards according to the boy, the boy surnamed sun, 2 years old this year, before the children playing in the train, suddenly heard the child crying, Zhao mother discovered that the child’s head by the chair gap tightly bite to live, then rushed to the police fire department. Fortunately, the rescue in a timely manner, the boy did not cause any harm.相关的主题文章:

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