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1 Ningbo women drink herbal tea is the bee sting throat drilling pot of herbal tea cancam

1 Ningbo women drink herbal tea throat stung bees original drilling herbal tea cans "look, is really a bee sting!" The day before yesterday morning, Ningbo Yinzhou Hospital Department of ENT Doctor Liu from the patient’s throat, out of a seemingly insignificant small, so that doctors and nurses are surprised how bees sting into the throat? 30 year old Liu bought a pot of herbal tea to drink at home for the past 4 days, she drank a glass of water to see the sun out of the mouth of the two, want to take advantage of the last wave of the sun quickly put the quilt out of the sun. The sun when she put the herbal tea on the side, I did not expect that this is a little bit of time, a small bee into her herbal tea pot. Ms. Liu finished the quilt to continue to drink herbal tea, go on, suddenly felt what foreign body with herbal tea into the throat, feel pain and itching. Ms. Liu coughing violently for a few minutes, it will arch-criminal cough up: is a small bee drilling jar. At that time, Liu thought that the bees were spit out on the right, and do not care how. But a few days later, Ms. Liu on the right side of the throat always has the sense, very uncomfortable, eventually lost to Yinzhou hospital outpatient department of ENT. After the reception of the Department of ENT physician Feng Shanshan and preliminary examination in history, Liu found in the mouth there is no foreign body, suspected foreign bodies in the deep hypopharynx, suggested that patients with a dynamic laryngoscope. In dynamic laryngoscope, Dr. Feng finally found Liu’s entrance on the edge of esophagus has a suspicious white pus point, taking into account the Liu 4 days did not reduce the foreign body sensation, Feng doctors think villains in this is probably the pus point problem in patients with multi day "". Doctors use electronic laryngoscope, through the biopsy hole into the foreign body forceps, took out the annoying little things. Doctor Feng Shanshan said, throat foreign body is a common disease in the Department of ENT, in addition to the common fish bones, chicken bones, and wire, and pepper shell crab legs, iron spoon, it can be said Nothing is too strange. but the bee sting, was the first time to see. Doctors advise, if the occurrence of foreign bodies must be timely medical treatment, most of the foreign bodies can be successfully removed, defuse the danger.相关的主题文章:

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